The motivation of our employees is based on three factors: the reward they receive for their actions, the fulfillment of the requirements and the desired results, and the environment in their work environment. In each of these factors, our role as managers is crucial to adapt our management style to each employee.

Whether you are a young manager or an experienced manager, it is important to adapt to the teams and culture of the company we work for. Their role is to improve the operation of the company by leading, but also supporting their teams. Of course, there are different types of management and this is what we will see together in this article, the different types of management.

To be effective, the manager has to constantly adapt. This is at least the theory developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard, American management economists. According to them, a manager must analyze and adapt based on the skills, experience, and motivation of the teams for each of the missions to be carried out.