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We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Blazer & Bullion Badges, military uniforms accessories & accouterments, Caps & Visors, Masonic Regalia Products, R.A.O.B Regalia Products, WW1 & WW11 Reproductions & ACW Reproductions our group of the product range is as under.

Masonic Regalia Supplies

We make a complete range in UK Masonic Regalia, Scottish Rite Regalia, Blue Lodge Regalia, York Rite Regalia, French Rite Regalia, and Other Regalia.

English Masonic Regalia (UK):
This section includes Craft Member Regalia, Craft Provincial Regalia, Craft Provincial Stewards Regalia, 
Craft Grand Stewards Regalia, Craft Grand Rank Regalia, Royal Arch Regalia, Royal Arch Provincial Regalia, Grand Rank Regalia, Royal Arch Supreme Grand Chapter Regalia, Mark Degree Regalia, Mark Provincial Regalia, Grand Rank Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Provincial Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank Regalia, Order Of The Secret Monitor Regalia, Red Cross Of Constantine Regalia, Royal And Select Masters Regalia, Knights Templar Regalia, Royal Order Of Scotland, St. John The Evangelist Regalia, Rose Croix Regalia, Allied Masonic Degree,  Masonic Apron Case, Masonic Apron Badges, Masonic Jewels, Masonic Regalia Accessories and so on.

Scottish Rite Regalia:
This Section Includes Scottish Rite Aprons, Scottish Rite Caps, Scottish Rite Jewels, Scottish Rite Cap Case, Scottish Rite 4th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 5th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 6th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 7th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 8th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 9th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 10th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 11th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 12th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 13th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 14th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 15th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 16th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 17th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 18th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 19th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 20th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 21st Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 22nd Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 23rd Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 24th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 25th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 26th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 27th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 28th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 29th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 30th Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 31st Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 32nd Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite 33rd Degree Regalia and so on.

Blue Lodge Regalia:
This Section Includes Blue lodge Aprons, Blue Lodge Collars, Blue Lodge Master Mason Aprons, Blue Lodge Worshipful Master Aprons, Blue Lodge Past Master Apron, blue lodge custom aprons, Blue Lodge Grand Aprons, and so on.

York Rite Regalia:
This Section Includes York Rite Aprons, York Rite Collars, York Rite Royal Arch Regalia, York Rite Cryptic Council Regalia, Knight Mason Regalia, Holy Royal Arch, Order Of Eastern Star, etc.

French Rite Regalia:
This Section Includes French Rite Aprons, French Rite Collars, French Rite Gloves, French Rite Sash, French Rite Worshipful Master Apron, Les tabliers maçonniques (Masonic Aprons), tablier maçonnique reaa (masonic apron reaa), boutique maçonnique ( Masonic Shop), tablier maçonnique rite français (Masonic Apron French Rite), tablier franc maçon reaa (Mason Apron REAA), Tablier Compagnon Émulation (Companion Apron Imitation Leather etc.

Hand Embroidered Badges and Patches

This Includes Hand Embroidered Badges, Embroidered Patches, Bullion Badges, Blazer Pocket Badges, Custom Bullion Patches, Military Bullion Badges, Regimental Blazer Badges, Blazer Badges Manufacturers, Custom Blazer Badges, Blazer Badges Family Crests, Embroidered Family Coat Of Arms, Family Crest Patches Embroidered, Coat Of Arms Badge, Heraldic Badges, Swan Badge, Royal Badges, Blazer Crest Patches, Army Emblems, Army Badges, Navy Emblems, Army Patches, Army Patches For Sale, Military Embroidered Blazer Badges, Regimental Ties And Blazer Badges, Bullion Wire Badges, Gold Wire Badges, Custom Embroidered Pillows, Civil War Badges, Civil War Corps Badges For Sale, Civil War Badges Insignias and so on.

Uniform Accessories and Accoutrements

This Section Includes Aiguillette, Aiguillette Navy, Aiguillette Army, Aiguillette For Sale, Air Force Blue Cord, Military Shoulder Cords And Aiguillettes, Army Green Cord Left Shoulder, Military Shoulder Cords, Jrotc Shoulder Cords, Navy Shoulder Cords, Army Shoulder Cords, Air Force Shoulder Cords, Air Force Aiguillette, Chin Cords For Hats, Sword Knot, Uniform Sword Knot, Cavalry Sword Knot, Uniform Lanyards, Military Uniform Lanyard, Infantry Lanyard, Military Uniform Shoulder Braid, Us Army Foragers, Belgian Fourragere, French Fourragere Army Service Uniform, Military Lanyard, Shoulder Epaulettes, Military Epaulettes, Gold Epaulettes, Shoulder Epaulets For Sale, Uniform Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Mark, Shoulder Loops, Shoulder Ranks, Collar Tabs, Heavy Bullion Fringe, Silver Bullion Fringe, Bullion Fringe Uk, Tassel Fringe Trimming, Gold Tassel Trim, French Wire, French Bullion Wire, Uniform Armbands, Military Brassards, Military Police Armband, Cuff Titles, Gross Deutschland Cuff Title, British Army Hackles, Fusiliers Hackle, Glengarry Hackles, Scottish Hackles, Pace Stick, Pace Stick For Sale, Apron Cords, Curtain Cords, Printed Flags, Flags, Pipe Banners, Pennants, Leather Products, Cotton Gloves, Ties, Bow Ties, Regimental Ties, Leather Gloves And Embroidery Patches Etc. 

Civil War Clothing and Accessories

This Section Includes Confederate Civil War Uniforms, Civil War Union Uniforms, Civil War Uniforms South, Authentic Civil War Uniforms Sale, Reproduction Civil War Uniforms, Civil War Reenactment Uniforms, Civil War Frock Coat, Civil War Greatcoat, Great Coat With Cape, Confederate Greatcoat, Civil War Confederate Jacket, Civil War Cavalry Jacket, Civil War Uniforms For Sale, Civil War Cavalry Jacket, Civil War Kepi, Authentic Civil War Kepi For Sale, Confederate Kepi For Sale, Civil War Forage Cap, Kepi Civil War, Civil War Hat, Civil War Shirts, Civil War Trousers, Confederate Trousers, Civil War Pants, Civil War Clothing, Civil War Sack Coat, Civil War Frock Coat, Civil War Vests,  Accoutrements, Brogans, Tin Wears, Metal & Brass Buckles, Stainless Stell Items, Bullion Embroidered Shoulder Boards, Embroidered Hat Badges, Civil War Badges, Civil War Corps Badges For Sale, Civil War Badges Insignias Etc.

Pilot Uniform And Accessories

This Section Includes Pilot uniforms, Coveralls, Formal Shirts, Pilot Uniform T-Shirts, Embroidered Badges, Ranks Shoulder Ranks, Shoulder Boards, Peak Caps, Baseball Caps and so on.